L2 EAD to H1-B - Project ending in February 2014

Hello Everyone,

                     I am currently working on L2-EAD as an IT contractor at an Insurance firm (End client) for the past 1.5 years. My L2-EAD expires by late October 2014 and I had requested my employer (i.e. the consulting firm thru which I had got this current project on W2) to process/sponsor my H1-B this year in April 2014. They had agreed for the same and had requested for some documentation from my end. My current contract was initially supposed to be until July 2014 but got to know yesterday that it will only be until February end. My questions are as follows.


* Would my employer still be willing /able to sponsor my H1-B?


* I havent started looking for a new project yet, but supposing I dont immediately get a project, would any consulting firm be willing to sponsor/apply for H1? How does it    work exactly?


* What are in-house projects? 


* Can I provide my employers letter as the Client letter if at all I'm 'not' on a project while submitting the H1-B documents?


Really tensed...Your feedback/ valuable comments would be of great help...Thankz..


  1. That’s for your employer to decide

  2. Yes, there are other companies who may be willing. However, you will have to be careful as not all of them will have your best interest at their heart.

  3. When a company hires you to work on some product, or internal tool/implementation etc then it is in-house. Consulting companies usually use this as a sham to avoid client/project letters. Do not fall into the trap and be sure that in-house project is genuine.

  4. USCIS wants to be satisfied that your employer has enough funds to pay you the salary. In case of consulting company they need client letters to see that you will be billed at a client site, and employer will have inflow of money to pay you the salary. So you need to find a client and get a letter which shows that you will be making money for the company and in turn will get regularly paid.