L2 EAD got rejected because my name has FNU

Hi all,

My passport has :

Given Name- Nilofar Naaz
Surname - Blank

So when i got L2 visa and came to US ,my visa had FNU in it so i made all my documents accordingly. My visa,I-94,SSN,DMV licence, bank statement and credit cards all have my name as -

First name- FNU
Last name - Nilofar Naaz

I applied for my EAD accordingly with name as FNU NILOFAR NAAZ
My visa was expiring on Nov 2019 and i had applied for an extension which gave me a grace period of 240 days in which i could get my visa and ead consecutively.
But after waiting for 7 months, my EAD was rejected . The rejection letter came with name as-NO NAME GIVEN NILOFAR NAAZ.

It stated that my visa expired on Nov 2019 and they could not find any visa extension application process in their system.

Now i am confused if my ead got rejected because my name is showing “NO NAME GIVEN” to them or if they cant find my extension application in their system.My attorney is confused as well. I am still waiting for the visa extension approval to come.

This is just a hell waiting for everything. What do i do ?