L2 EAD Extension based L1B Approval Notice


We received L2 EAD on June 1st but on EAD valid date showing as Jun 15th 2016, I thought as my L1B expires on the same day USCIS gave validity for 15days.

Now my L1B extension got approved, based on approval notice can we apply for L2 EAD renewal ?

or should i need to apply fresh EAD ?

or for applying L2 EAD should visa stamping is compulsory ?



You can apply for EAD renewal. I think they are the same form as new EAD, and not different.

Visa stamping is not required. Did you also receive L-2 extension along w/ L-1 extension? You would need to submit both L-1 and L-2 extension copies for this.

Hi Saurabh,

Thank you for your response.
I did not apply for L2 extension,as L2 valid until Aug 2018.
My visa team said no need to apply L2 extension while applying for L1b extension.
Can I submit both L1B extension and L2 visa document ?
should I need to apply L2 extension even though L2 is valid until 2018 for renewing EAD ?