L2 EAD expiry - Leaves

I am currently on L2 visa which is valid. But my L2 EAD expired.
So I applied for renewal in April and still haven’t received my EAD.
My employer agreed to take leave for 30 days. But by mistake, they applied paid leaves for 2 days which I was not aware of. Is this a problem?

Well, I understand your concern. If you have in writing that you quit on time and it was a mistake on your employer’s part, you should be fine. You can use that documentation to say that it was their mistake and not yours. Talk to your spouse’s employer’s attorney and clarify to be sure.

Thanks will ask my spouse to contact his company’s attorney and follow accordingly

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I am in the same situation. What did you do?
will USCIS find unauthorized employment ?

My husband is on L1 A blanket visa and I am on L2 visa.
I-94 expiry date:
Husband -03/20/2020

My EAD expired in May 2019, we forgot to renew my EAD and worked for two months.(due to medical issue) As soon as we released, I quit my job and notified HR about this.
My husband’s company is applying for L1/L2 renewal’s.

i want to renew my ead as i still have my I-94,will i have issues with USCIS

You mean to say due to medical issue you worked for 2 months and then realised EAD expired or where you on paid leave or unpaid leave for 2 months due to medical issue?

EAD got expired 2 months ago but i forgot to renew it. I got paid for 2 months.

if i apply for EAD renewal with a valid I-94, will i have any issues?

Its been couple of weeks and I stopped working now.

Ok I am not sure, better to consult an immigration attorney. Let me know if you get any update

Ok. Did you get your EAD approved ?

Its still in process

4 months still processing??

Yes I received my EAD this week

Congrats!! So it took almost 100 days to get the card ?

Wanted to know the processing time.

Thank you

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