L2 dependent visa stamping for minor

My case is little tricky. My son is going to complete 6Y old by this november. I have seperated with my wife and divorce process is in progress but not yet confirmed. My son is with my mom from day1 and i’m in USA. My wife doesnt have L2 stamping. I want to choose drop box option(less than 7Y old) for my son, and bring him to US along with my mom( H2 visa). can you please let me know any issues at stamping and at the port of entry.

I shall confine the reply to issues at stamping.

First of all ,be aware that drop box submission does not necessarily mean Interview waiver. There are many cases where , for child below 7 yrs and even infant below 2 yrs- drop box submission resulted in subsequent call for Interview to parents. this can happen in your case also.

I think you have erroneously called your mother’s visa as H2 . It should be B2.

If your separated wife is ready to cooperate, you will have less problems

Consulate will certainly want to know why mother is not applying with child or why child’s mother is not travelling with him. Child’s Ds 160 form has no provision to explain this.

I presume yr mother has stamped B2 visa.