L2 Dependent Extension Pending with USCIS


I received my L1-B extension approval. Alongwith my application for extension, the extension application for my spouse and child was also filed. They have already completed their biometrics submission. Since, the submission there has been no change on the status on the case.

Questions, that i need help with;

  1. Can they travel to India, get the stamping done and travel back while the L2 extension application is still in process? Does the travel abandon/cancel their existing extension application?
  2. Is the 240-day rule also applicable for dependents?
  3. The extension application is pending with the California Center, according to the USCIS Processing Times, it takes 2.5 to 4.5 months. The receipt date for inquiry is 4-days past the date of receipt that i received in the I-797 Notice for the dependents. When i try to submit a request for case out of normal processing times, USCIS does not allow me to submit one.

Need urgent help. Appreciate any information.

  1. Yes, you can. It is slightly grey, it should not abandon, if it was filed as Extension. We had similar cases with H4 as well, so they are technically same, so should not get abandoned as many users reported the same
  2. No.
  3. Well, the online system is not perfect, try calling them,
    If you plan to travel out, you can go out and get stamping.
    Read similar case for H4 Travel out when Pending with USCIS

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