L2 Case withdrawn for co applicant Child, when only asked for Primary, USCIS

I had filed L2 extension application for my spouse and daughter on 31 May 2019.Their I-94 expired on 22 oct 2019.My spouse got a change of status from L2 to H1B on 22-Dec-2019.I raised a withdrawal request for my spouse’s L2 extension application but USCIS has withdrawn the application for both my spouse and daughter.i need to know if I have any grace period to file H4 extension for my daughter or she need’s to travel back to India?

Well, as it is withdrawn, it can be risky to file to nunc pro tunc and re-file the H4 as the delays are long with H4 processing. I would go to India and get stamping done to avoid issues and be back soon.
Talk to your attorney on this and take an informed decision.