L1B with A till July'13 & H1B with B. process time to transfer 'B' to 'A'?

Working with employer ‘A’ on L1B visa that is Ending July’13 and have Approved H1B for employer ‘B’ inCONSULAR PROCESS in 2012 CAP but not effective yet . Transferring this H1 from ‘B’ to ‘A’ so how much time will take for transfer ?

Working with employer 'A' on L1 visa ending on [b]July'13 [/b]and my stay in US is getting [b]max out by J[/b]uly end 2013.  I have H1 visa approved for employer 'B' in consular processing in 2012 cap. H1 is not yet effective.  I am filing H1 transfer to 'A'  in this or next week ....

	How muct time will take for the transfer in premeium process ?

After my current L1 visa expires, Can I stay in US with Recipt no till the time I get results from USCIS on my H1 transfer case?

If I get RFE on my H1 transfer, can I stay in US with the receipt no or I have to go back to my home country once my L1 visa expires?

If transfer gets approved and if i don't get the I-94 on the approved H1,  do I have to go out of USA for stamping?

Transfer in PP will take 15 calendar days unless RFE is issued.

IMO, you should leave US if your status doesn’t change to H-1 before L-1 max time. However, check w/ your H-1 attorney as well.