L1B visa to H1B visa - process after stamping


I am with Employer A on L1B visa .Employer B spondered H1B visa for me and it is approved.currently I am in India.If I go for H1B stamping in India and after stamping Do I need to exit Employer A immediately or Can I continue to work for employer A on L1B visa enen I got stamped on H1B visa?

Waiting for the reply.



You said you are in India, then how are you on L-1B visa?

Once your H-1 is approved and assuming your L-1B is not canceled (at times they cancel L-1 visa stamp when appearing for H-1 visa stamping) then you can either return on L-1 to work for A, or on H-1 to work for B.

Thank you Saurabh.When I was in US on L1B I applied for H1B visa.Then It got approved in April and I returned to India in May as my assignment is over.
If I go for H1B stamping in India, as you said they will cancel my L1B visa.
Even though they cancel my L1B visa can I work for Employer A for some time?is it illegal?

They “may” cancel the L-1 visa. It will be officer’s discretion whether to let it remain intact or cancel it.

You can work for any employer outside US irrespective of what visa you hold. So you can work for A in India even in case L-1 gets canceled.

Thank you saurabh.