L1B TO H1B with change if Status ( COS )

Hi Saurabh and Team.

I am currently on L1B and applied H1B thru a consultancy in COS. It is in " Intial Review" status as of now. If i want to continue on my L1B , even after my H1 approval what are my options ?

  1. If H1 is approved before October -1st – > Can i go back to india and still come back on L1B visa ? If yes , when should i come back on L1B ( After Oct 1st ) ? Please advise

  2. I know that going to india will cancel COS and that is my option as well, but wanted to check if there is a way i can go to india and come back on my L1B.

  3. I want to remain on my L1B visa till year end. Can my employer amend petetion to change the COS effective date ?

  4. If yes to above , how much it cost to amend petetion ?

  5. I received the H4 petetion number for my wife. And the consultancy says that both H1 and H4 petetion numbers are same … Is it possible that H1 and H4 petetion numbers can be same or should we always have different petetion numbers for H1 and H4 ?

Please advise and thank you very much for your help.

I think I have responded to this in the main blog.