l1b to H1B Visa Clock Reset happened in my case?

I was in US from Jan 2009 - Sep 2010 & July - Aug 2011 on L1B Visa. I did not enter to US after Aug 2011 and my L1 Visa got expired. I have applied for H1B Visa in April 2012, peition approved in Nov 2012 - Sep 2015. I have entered to US again in March 2013.

I was outside US for 365 days. But H1B process started in April 2012 which will be less than 365 days. Petition approved in Nov 2012, which is again outside 365 days.

Considering the above, Does my H1B clock rest happened because my physical status was out of 365 days from US? or Am I still in L1B period because H1B process started less than 365 days after i left US.

Please help