L1B to H1B transfer_Query_Urgent_Need help

Hi all,

I am currently on L1B with employer A in USA and filed for H1B (Counselor Stamp) this year with employer B.

My H1B is picked in lottery. Kindly clarify my doubts:

  1. How much time will it take to change from Counselor stamp to change of status, Is there any additional fee for the same?

  2. As per my understanding , H1B Visa will be stamped after october this year, Is it possible for me to change to employer B before stamping if I stay in USA whole time?

Awaiting reply.


  1. You can’t change it for pending petition. Once approved, you have to file COS which can take 2-4 months to process.

  2. Yes, a new employer can file cap-exempt petition for you even before you get it stamped.