L1B to H1B Transfer , Can COS process my H1B only on reciept number

Currently I am in United States from Dec 2010 and my current Visa Status in L1B. My current employer had filed H1b Petition for me in June 2008, but I/company did not utilized it as there was no open position at that time.
But in Dec 2010 my same employer filed an L1B for me and then I was deployed to US to work for one of the client .
The reason my employer did not use my valid H1B at that time , was because of the policy they have of not deploying candidates for this particular client for which I am working right now.

[b] Wanted to know if I can use the same H1B petition which was filed for me in June 2008 , so that I can work in  US for any other employer. I do not have any receipt or supported documents of H1b , as my current employer did not give it , I just have reciept will that work ?[/b]

Do you know at least the receipt number? If yes, then another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you. If you don’t know the receipt number then it may not be possible. You can still see if filing FOIA w/ USCIS can provide you the receipt copy (even though you don’t know the receipt number).

Thanks Saurabh…I know the receipt number , but when I spoke to couple of consultants they said that they need at least the receipt or the approval copy. Any hints or suggestion on this.

They can file w/ the receipt number and print out of online status showing it as approved. USCIS knows that the petition is approved, so it should be ok to not have the actual approval copy.

You can also file FOIA w/ USCIS to get the approval copy (don’t know how long it will take).