L1B to H1B. Please help. Urgent!!

I have a complicated scenario.

I am working on L1B from comapany A, and company B filed for H1B this year. Fortunately, it got picked in the lottery and it’s approved. Company B put the starting date as 9/28 which I think is incorrect, it should be 10/1. Am I right? Company B said they can either put 10/11 or 9/28, both of which are wrong.

I am also planning to get married in October. Can I resign from company A in September, servce the 15 day notice period, and go to India in then end of September? I will then come back in October end or November starting. In this way I will get the new offer letter from company B effective from the feasible date.

Is it possible to do, or will it cause any problem because it’s actually change of status? Do I have to be present here on 10/1.

I am really confused. Please help if someone knows what to do.

If your I-94 is valid till September end, yes you can stay and leaveUS.

Employment start date can be prior to 10/1 per LCA.

You will not face an issue related to this during visa interview. It is not mandatory that you need to be present here on 10/1. After stamping, you can return anytime.