L1B to H1B COS and Notice Period in L1B

Hi Admin,

I have question that if I change the status of L1B to H1B then what is the impact if after getting approval of H1B petion and COS, if regioned on the same date of H1B approval but served notice period of 20 days. Will it be going to impact future GC process , what is the alternate solution in this case.



One is expected to join H-1 employer from COS effective date. However, if you continue to work on L-1 for another 20 days, it may or may not be an issue in future. It’s not 100% surety that USCIS will ask about this 20 day period when reviewing your GC application and if they do, whether they would be strict about the 20 days or let it go as some companies prefer to have notice period served and all open projects completed.

I would suggest talking to your H-1 attorney.