L1B to H1B Conversion | Sponsor, legal queries, Time

I am referred to the forum by a friend who is all gaga about Saurabh and the richness of knowledge and participation here. Looking for some guidance here from veterans. Since this will drive the direction of my life, appreciate some help!

[b]Context: [/b]I am a Software techie (8+ years, server side Java) - came here in Nov on L1B, with visa and I94 valid till Aug 2015. I really want to stay and work in US, but as my assignment on L1B is going to be short (May 2013), hence looking for options.


[b]Need:[/b] I want to search a job locally, and have new employer file for H1B Cos and work here!


[b]Questions if you could help pls:[/b]

a) I dont know where to look for companies/consultants/Jobs for people on L1B, where employers are ready to  file CoS to H1B. Please share some links/resources

b) Is there a specific time/Cap for CoS applications(L1B to H1B) as there is for Fresh applications (85K/Apr 1) or this is possible any time of the year?

c) How do you leave your existing company? My company has a clause which says - "immediate termination of my US assignment, repatriation to India, and possible termination of your employment with Company" How do you deal with this? 


I will highly appreciate your guidance!!



  1. The best resource is your network of friends, colleagues and family. You can also look for them on job sites like dice, monster or go through list of past H-1 filers. However, ensure you do a thorough research on the employer before finalizing one.

  2. There is no separate cap for L-1 to H-1. There is just the 65K cap for all H-1 petitions and a separate 20K for people who have done Masters in US (in addiiton 6500 petitions are kept aside for Chile and Singapore). So yours will go into the 65K cap.

  3. For this, you should consult a labor attorney. Although the employment is at will in US, your employer can decide to sue you in your home country where the laws may be different. So its best to get the contract reviewed by a labor attorney both in US and in home country to be sure of the consequences.