L1B to H1B conversion- 6 Years - Out of Country full term 6 years


I am in L1b visa and having maxout in Nov 2020.So my company is going to apply H1b this year(2020) and if it gets approved my H1b maxout would be on Nov 2021.My question here is if H1b approved and I work in canada for an Year with same employer, can I get full 6 years in H1b after stamping in canada in Nov 2021.I know it is bit rare case. Please let me know if any have faced this case :slight_smile:


If you stay outside of US for one year, after you max out, you are again eligible for using of 6 years of H1B. You will never have H1B approval for 6 years, it will be given in chunks of 3 years…so you will get stamping for 3 years…