L1B to H1B Change of Status with emp.


I am new to redbus and you might have answered a similar question, but still wanted to check on my scenario.

I came to US on L1B from Employer A in 2010 and I got a consulting firm to do my change of status to H1B which got approved in August 2013. Below are my questions.

1. Can I continue working with Employer A until I get a job offer and then move to employer B even if it goes beyond Oct 2013. I checked this out with my consulting firm and they told me that I could decide when I want to change my status to H1B and It is not mandatory to resign from Employer A before Oct 1 2013. what is the logic?

2. Do I need to go for H1B Stamping immediately if it is COS?

3. How long can I be without a job after I get my H1B approved and resign from employer A ?

Please let me know



here is my view

  1. Was you H1B filed with COS? if yes, you have to work with New employer from start date mentioned on the approval,

  2. if not, u can continue with ur L1 emploer and when ever you find new job , you can change status to H1 B by filing COS from L1 to H1.

  3. you can’t be with out job on H1 B ( you should be paid even if you are on bench and pay stub should be given to you )

  4. As long as you are in US , no need to go for stamping once COS is approved.

Thanks for the response. Yes my H1B was filed with COS.

Now I have one more question. Can I ask employer A to transfer my H1B?