L1B to H1B Change of status after Oct1.

Hi Sourab,

  Comp (A) filed H1-B as consular processing as my L1 was expiring in July 2013.   My H1B got approved and I got an extension of my L1B till Dec 2013 (Max out).  My questions are
  1. Comp (A) is applying for COS in premium from L1 B - H1B. Is it ok if they apply after OCT 1st 2013 and anytime before Dec 2013?

  2. If I get an offer from Comp (B) and If H1B transfer is succesful, What is the earliest time I can transfer my H1B to Comp (B).

  3. Can I get my H1B transfered with COS to Comp(B) at the same time?

Please advice.