L1B to H1 Visa

I came to US in 2008 on L1B visa from company A, returned to India for vacation in 2011 and returned to US with L1 visa. After returning to US, I changed to H1B through company B in December 2011. Company B sponsor my GC and got I140 approved in 2013. After working for 1.5 years, using my approved I-140 changed to company C in 2014. Now I am working with company C. got my perm approved from company C and I-140 is applied.
I did not travel to India during all these process of transfer. I am working with Company C from last 1.8 years with approved H1B. I have petition approved till Nov 2016
I want to go to India for personal reason.
Is there any problem if I got for visa stamping.
Please guide and suggest. Your suggestion is highly appreciated
Thank you

There should not be any problem, just take all the previous approval notices(L1B, H1 from B and H1 from C) and you should be good. Best of luck.