L1B to H1 (COS) - Leave Country and Reenter ? H1B Status?

I am with company X on L1b which is valid till Nov 2020. I applied for H1B from Company B (COS) in April 2018 which got approved in Jan 2020.
I have to leave US and go to some other country due to family reason. So, can I leave US and come back on L1-B?
I will get the approval notice in 2-3 days and I have to leave in a day.
I do not want to join Company -B at the moment as My current employer is ready to transfer my H1B as they dont want to loose me.
So, Please advise soon.

Technically, you are on H1B after you receive the H1B approval notice. So, you need to leave the country to not enforce the automatic COS.
Yes, you can come back on L1B. You need valid visa and relevant documentation supporting the same to re-enter US on L1B.

Thanks Kumar. Will I be able to use my H1 Later?