I'm in L1B (From Oct/2011) and both my Visa & I-94 is going to expire on Sep/27/2014. My marriage got fixed and it's on Sep/04/2014. 


1) I'm planning to come back on Sep/9 after marriage. Will it be any problem for me to enter USA?


2) Once i arrive on Sep/09 and based on I-94 date, am planning to apply for extension, do i have to appy the L1-Extension before i come to USA on Sep/09 or can i come & apply later based on I-94 date?


3) Planning to request my company to schedule L2 interview on Sep/11 or Sep/12 for my fiance (After Marriage). Is there any problem getting L2 for my fiance? Because Visa is going to expire in another 2 weeks from her Interview date


I heard like if i get I-94, then there are more chance to get L2, so i am planning to come on Sep/09 before my fiance goes for interview.  Though getting I-94 is still a gamble. 


Getting I-94 is case/luck basis, is there any time frame like have to come back to US before my Visa Expires, so chance of getting I-94 is more?


I'm little worried about the time frame between L2 Visa Interview, My Arriving-Date and Visa Expiry date. Please advice me. Also please let me know, if any other option available.


Thanks & Regards