L1B - H1B with Change of status.

Hi ,

I am currently on L1B visa and have applied for H1B with COS.

If it is assumed that by July15 my H1B is approved with COS and then, i visit India.

Will my COS be invalidated? do i have to apply for COS again?


Which year’s quota are you using for H1B?

Iam referring to 2014 H1B quota.

Its same case like me then. If we go out of US before Oct 1, we cannot enter till we get H1 stamped and cannot come before Oct 1 at the earliest.

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If your L1 visa is valid atleast till 1st Oct, you can travel once you get your H1 approval and return back before 1st Oct. Your COS wont be invalidated when you travel after you get your H1 approval and return back before your h1b start date which will be 1st Oct in this case.


If your COS is approved for a future date, then you can leave US (after COS approval), return to US (prior to Oct 1) on current visa stamp and still be on H-1 from Oct 1.