L1B+H1B Maxout - H1B approved petition after 5 years stay in L1B

Hi Saurabh,

I am currently working in US for Emp A from Oct 2008 till date on L1B Visa. It expires by Nov 2013. Meanwhile I got Emp B who applied H1B visa this year and petition got selected and approved.

Emp A (L1B) wants me to go back during Jul due to project end. So, I am planning to go back and spend a year (that will also allow me to reset the clock) outside US. Now my question is, say if I come again thru Emp B (H1B) and work from Sep 2014 ( after 1 year stay in india - Aug 2013 to Aug 2014)., does it allow me to use the already approved (but not used) H1 for full 6 years term…or just 1 year…?

If its just 1 year, what are other options to stay here other than GC process ??

Please help.

Your clock is not reset as you applied for H-1 prior to 1 year term outside US. Clock is reset when:

  1. You stay outside US for 1 year

  2. Apply for cap-subject H-1 after satisfying #1


I am also having the similar situation. Can you please let me know what happen for your case. Did you get complete 6 year for your H1B visa or it was valid just only for 1 years.

Thanks in Advance for your help.