L1B-H1B Clock reset - Please help

I am trying to file new H1B in this year’s quota and I have 3 days left before the quota opens. I have prepared all the documents and the lawyer says I am not eligible since the clock is NOT reset. I want an another opinion. Here are my previous stay information:

Feb-2005 to Oct-2007 - H1B;

Feb-2009 to Sep-2009 - Same H1B;

May-2010 to till now - L1B;

My attorney says that the clock is not reset since I have travelled in 2009 using the same H1. But I have got L1B stamping till Apr-2013 and I-94 till Apr-2015. Based on the I-94 date given in the Port Of Entry, My understanding is that Clock is reset, thats the reason I have got I-94 for 5 years in L1B.

Is there a separate clock for L1B and H1B?

Can I apply H1B in this year's quota?

If the clock is not reset, How come I have got I-94 for total of 5 years? Is it a mistake? Please help

From what I have understood looking at your details you do not need a new H1B.

You can activate your H1 by filing a change of status application by transfering your H1 to a new employer.

Kindly consult another attorney for case review.Others can chip with their suggestions.

PS:I am not an attorney .

I don’t have H1 now. The old H1 was withdrawn by my employer since I got a RFE and I had to go to India at the same time.