L1B got rejected without given any slip

Hi All,

I had L1B Visa interview at Chennai on 07-oct-2016.

I got L1B visa not clearly approvable.

Below are the questions asked by VO and my answers:

VO: Good Morning Sir
Me: Very good morning sir
VO: Please give me your documents
Me: Sure sir, gave my 3 sets of I-129S,I-769,DS-160 and Passport.
VO: For how long you are working for “XYZ”
Me: 2 year and 7 month.
VO: What is your overall experience?
Me: I have 5 year of experience
VO: Prior to “XYZ” where you were working?
Me: Prior to “XYZ” I was working for “ABC” for 2.5 years
VO: What are you going to do in US?
Me: I am going to integrate our company product “PQR” tool which is a unique tool in client’s various projects.
VO: What is “PQR” tool?
Me: Answered in simple way so that he can understand well.
VO: Is this tool is client specific?
Me: No sir, It is a generic tool developed by us which can be integrated with any software project.
VO: What is your designation?
Me: Lead
VO: you said Lead?
Me: exactly sir Lead.
VO: How many client using this tool?
Me: one client name “DEF”. Based on that feedback they want to integrate our tool in most of their projects.
VO: what you do?
Me: Leading our development team,guiding them.Integrating our tool in projects.
VO: What will be your role in US?
Me: I will analyse client projects, integrate our tool in their projects and helped them to undersatand our project.
VO: What is your US salary?
Me: Answered
VO: How many member were in design or architecture team?
Me: 3

After few second of thinking VO says:

Sorry sir I cannot approve your visa.I am returning your documents.
Ask your company HR to file visa in some other categaory.
Stamped “Not Clearly Approvable” in all my I-129S.
He gave me my Passport, 2 sets of I-129S.
He did not given me any slip which says the reason of rejection.

Then Helping Volunteers told me to wait because i did not get any slip.volunteer told me she will check with VO what happen.
But VO was not their in the counter. we waited for 15-20 minute then volunteer told me Sir you can leave.

Please help me what happened in my case? Is anything serious?
Can my company file L1-individual or H1B.

Please help me.

I think that the development team being 3, is very small.

Hi Vishalpandey,

Same situation for me as well. I attained the L1-A Blanket interview on 03-Aug-2017. Officer stamped ‘Not Clearly Approvable’ and returned two copies of I-129S, I-769 and DS-160 without any slip/paper. Currently, it is showing the status ‘Administrative Processing’ on CEAC site. Does it mean that it is rejected, or they are going to check it again and I might be asked for any evidence? In simple, is there any chance for reconsidering this case? What was your experience in your case and any knowledge that happened with others?

Thanks for posting this and your reply in advance :slight_smile:

What is the update after that?