L1B Extension to L1A Individual


My L1B Visa got expired Aug 28th 2012, I have already applied for L1B Extension.

Today, I got RFE for my L1B Extension visa. Could you please confirm Can I apply for L1A Individual Visa. Based on my experience and my role I am having eligible for appliying L1A Individual visa. But here my question is

a. Is there any time limit from L1B Extn (RFE) to L1A Individual Visa apply

b. If I submit all my RFE documents, Did i get approval for my L1B Extn Visa

Could you please reply me as soon as possible.

Thank you

Question 1: You need to withdrawn your petition rather than submitting your Requested documents. Then you need to wait for 30 days and place new petition for L1A individual. ( Exact days i am not sure please check with attorney)

Question 2: If you provide all the requested documents then you will get it approved. But no one knows what is USCIS’s expectations :).