L1B Extension Stamping From Mexico


Currently we are on L1/L2 visa which is valid until Nov’13 and I-94 valid until Dec-2015.

Our company is asking for L1 extension stamping from Canada. Since there are delay in getting Tourist visa of Canada due to strike and which is taking more than 40-50 days. Is there any alternative option for tourist visa of canada or L1-B stamping from Mexico.

Can we do L1-B visa extension stamping from Mexico.

Appreciate for suggestion.

As you already have L-1 visa stamped in the passport, you can go to MX for stamping. However, note that visa officer can deny the request to interview you and send you to your home country, or they can issue 221g. So have back-up plans in place.

Thanks for reply. But what if we go before expiry of existing Visa . Will they cancel exisitng visa.
Kindly let us know. Really appreciate.

I don’t think they will cancel the existing visa stamp unless they determine that you or your company submitted fraud/false documents to get that visa.

My original comment still stands.

Thanks Saurabh for all the details.

I was looking into forum and somebody has metioned we don’t require Canada Tourist Visa if we are going for less than 30days trip.

Can you suggest us, Do we require Canada Tourist if we are planning to go for L1B Extn visa stamping ? We have vaid I-94 until 2015. We have Indian Passport and L1B is still valid until Nov’13.

We are concern since we are hearing Canada VFS strike news and which will delay tourist visa stamping and due to which L1B extn will get delay.

Really appreciate your suggestions.