L1B Extension or I94 extension


My current L1B Visa will be expired on May, 2014 and my I94 also will be expired on same day. I can extend my VISA another 2 years as the L1B total stay is 5 yrs, - (in my case it would be till May 2016) .

So for this extra 2 years after my 3 years stay (which will be end May 2014) I have to file for VISA extension or I can apply for I94 extension?

I have heard that the rejection of the L1B is still high and I do not want to take any risk.

Please advice.

It will be I-94 extension…chances of L1 extension approval are less today.Situattion in 2014 will be different but you can try your luck. Better to apply for H1 in 2014 quota

My I-94 will be expired on May 2014, so when can I start to process for I-94 extension and how long generally it takes?

It can be filed 2-3 months in advance of expiration date. The process can take 2-3 months. Your employer is the one who will file for the extension. Do you know when they plan to file for it?

Hi Saurav, As per my status I have to ask for I-94 extension by Jan/Feb 2014.
By that time can I start to process H1B also? What will be the time start for the H1B for next year?

H-1 can be filed only after April 1, 2014 w/ an employment start date of Oct 1, 2014.