L1B Expiring in Oct 2013, what options i have?

Hi Saurabh,

My L1B Expiring in Oct 2013, my company is saying they will apply for L1 Extension.

As L1 Extension success rate is very less, what other options i have?My I 94 is also valid till my OCt 2013?Please suggest.


Practically speaking, there is none. You will have to bank on your L1 extension only.

Thanks saurabh, how about filing a fresh L1 from here only or Canada, what would be a good idea fresh L1 or extension, I want to explore all options and then discuss the same with my manager? Also to be on safer side,
can i visit Canada and hope my I-94 will be extended when I will return to USA?please suggest

I didnt get what you mean by fresh L1. There is nothing called a fresh L1 as you are already on L1, you have the option of only extending it for 2-3 years ahead. You need not get it stamped when you are in USA, in case you go out of country, you need to get it stamped in order to enter USA.

You can stay/work as long as the I-94 is valid. When your extension gets approved, a new I-94 will be issued along with the approval notice.

Going to Canada does not get your I-94 extended without applying for extension. Also, while returning from Canada you wont be allowed into USA with an expired L1 visa and even though you have a valid I-94.

Visa is just to let you into the country… thats all, I-94 is the document that lets you stay in USA as long as it is valid. Dont get confused with both.

Coming back to your initial question, there is nothing much you can do now. You could have applied for H1 in April then you know, it has its own risk.