L1B Expiring in Apr-2013, Can I enter US in Mar-2013?

I am in L1B visa and I have been working in US since Apr-2010. My L1B Visa is expiring on 28-APR-2013 as per the Visa Stamping.  But my I-94 validity date is 12-Mar-2015. My employer confirmed that I don't have to apply for renewal since my I-94 date is valid till Mar-2015. But I have to go to India for 3 weeks period from next week and coming back on 11-MAR-2013. My questions:

1) Will there a problem in Port of Entry since there be only one and half month validity in my visa when I come back?

2) Will I get the same I-94 date? On what basis do they give the I-94 date?

3) If I get the I-94 same date as Visa expiry date, I will have only 45 days to extend my I-94/visa date. I don't think it is enough. What can I do in that case?


Please help me with my questions.
  1. You can enter US till 28th April 2013. At POE they may ask you about your plan for extension and you can say that your employer has all the documents ready for extension and it would be started as soon as you join work again. 2) It depends on the person stamping the I94. Sometimes it may be till the visa expiration date and some times it may be for 3 years. I have seen both the cases. 3) 45 days is enough time for your employer to file for L1B extension. Ask your employer to start preparing the documents for extension and once you join work back on 11th March, he can file it for you. He needs to wait till you come back because latest I94 would be required to file L1 extension.