L1B expired but have valid I94

Dear Sir ,

I came to US on L1B from my compnay which expired on 07 July 2013.But During my latest trip to India I got new I94 which is valid till May 2016.So I believe I can stay and work in USA till May 2016 .

Now please advise me:

· It is legally correct if I stay in US for next 3 years on I94 only or I should apply for new visa?

· If I have to apply for visa then which category of Visa I will need to apply.

· If suppose after 3 year I will apply for US visa again then will my 3 year stay on I94 impact my New Visa at that time?


You can continue to stay and work on the basis of I-94

If you leave US in b/w, then you need to get L-1 visa stamped in your passport. On returning to US, you will be issued a new I-94 which will determine the duration of stay inside US