L1B denied NCA 221g blue slip with no proper justification

I have recently applied for L1 B blanket visa.My interview was on 17 th April 2013.My visa has been denied as not clearly approvable with 221g blue form.

There is no justification as to why the visa has been denied.

We have reached project efforts where client needs my service onsite due to strict project dead-lines & in short period we can’t find a person with same expertise.

And I was not given a chance to justify my specialized knowledge.

Is there a possibility to request for justification or re-interview to be held as priority.

If my L1B Blanket is rejected what is the next visa category that I can apply to be processed in less duration.

Incase I apply for H1B Blanket, when is the quota going to open for 2013 again & how long does it going to take.

If you never had a H1b visa before, the quota for this year was opened on April 1st 2013 and got filled within April 5th 2013 so you have to wait till April 1st 2014 to apply and after approval you can start working only from Oct 1st 2014.

L1B are getting scrutinized very severly now a days and that is the reason why the companies have started applying for H1b rather than L1's.

Thanks for taking time & answering my question.

On B1 I’m afraid I’m not permitted to work, B1 is exclusively for business meetings & trainings.

Is there a way that I can request the Embassy to consider the documentation again for evidence & rescheduled the appointment if necessary.

As far as I know, once they deny you a visa, it is very very rare that they approve the same after. It ‘may be’ that they think your case should go for H1 which is why many L1’s are rejected these days.

You may try with new evidence, but consult your company lawyer who will guide you on other options if there is any.

Thanks for your valuable time & advice.Will follow up on this with my inhouse immigration dept.

Talk to your attorney if you can go for L-1 individual. At times blanket visas are denied and the person is told to apply in L-1 individual.