L1A Visa will reset if I stay out of USA for 365 days?


I am on L1A and my company wants me to travel outside of USA and work as Manager role (my current role) for an year and come back to process Green Card in EB1 category. I have 1.5 years more to complete my current L1A Visa tenure in USA.

I have asked my company that I would prefer to travel out if USA now rather than later because I wanted to come back early to USA because of my Son’s education. They have agreed to that and they told me that I can travel now, stay in Canada for an year, take a new L1A Visa and come back. They are saying L1A Visa will reset and cooling period also will be done if I stay outside of USA even if I have not completed my Visa tenure of 7 years.

Can you please let me know the info I have got is correct?


Yes what you have been told is correct.

Thank you Kalpesh for the quick reply.