L1A visa travel information

Hello friends

We stayed in USA for 5 years on L1(B) visa and returned to India in March 2021. Then company applied for L1(A) visa and we got our visa approved in October 2021…

So the doubt is can we stay for 7 years in USA, if we stay for one year in India or should we get our visa stamped after staying in India for one year.

Now how many years can we work in USA 2 years or 7 years.?

What is the expiry on the I-797B?

USCIS guideline is to wait 365 days outside the US and then apply for the H1B/L1 petition to be able to reset the clock.
I would be surprised if your I-797B has a validity of 3 years as you applied before spending 365 days outside the US.

Once you are in the US on L1A, your employer can apply for I-140 and I-485 concurrently assuming the EB1C will remain current at that point in time. You can get green card in couple of years.