L1A to H1B transfer .. Urgent needed

My current situation is as below:

Company A - has L1 visa valid till July 2014

company B - H1B petition approved and valid from Oct 1 2013 till 2016


Can I get some clarification on the below questions


1) Is it mandatory that I should join company B on Oct 1st itself? Can I still continue on L1 visa for some more time?


2) Can I go out of US before Oct 1st and come back after Oct 1st on L1 visa and then join Company B without going out of US.


3) In case I get married before Oct 1st, which type of visa should I try for my Spouse to avoid any problems


4) When is the earliest time, I can go to India after 1st Oct for H1B visa stamping. Would it be ok to go in October/Nov before any payslips with new company are available.What will happen to my L1 Visa, in case H1B visa is denied


5) Is it mandatory that, for first time Visa stamping on H1B, we need to go to parent country
  1. If H-1 is approved w/ COS then you have to work for B from Oct 1

  2. In this case, you continue to work for A after returning to US. To work for B, a separate COS needs to be filed or you need to enter on stamped H-1 visa

  3. That would depend upon what you want to return on. If your plan is to return and work for A, then she should go for L-2 stamping.

  4. H-1 denial shouldn’t impact the L-1 visa. Still it will be officer’s discretion. You can go for H-1 stamping anytime after July 1 and before petition expires. You will need proof of maintatining valid status in US and other H-1 documents

  5. Yes. Not mandatory but strongly recommended.