L1A petition approved in COS from B1 to L1A


I applied for COS from B1 to L1A as my company wanted to setup a new business unit for Oracle Cloud services and wanted me to manage the operations for it.

My B1, i-94 was till Dec 10th 2015 and so we applied for COS from B1 to L1A on 10-Dec-2015 and it got approved on 17-March-2016. I recieved the I-797c which states that my i-94 end date will be on 30-June-2017.

My question:

If I have to travel back to India, I will need to fix an appointment with US consulate for visa stamping. Do you foresee any complications in doing so?If I’m staying back in US, can I get L2 filled for my spouse with the received approval notice?What all questions can be expected at the time of interview for the above two scenarios?Looking forward for your inputs, so that I could plan accordingly. Thank you.

  1. No additional complications. It would be subject to scrutiny same as had you applied for L-1A from India.

  2. If your spouse is outside of US, then you can send L-2 visa docs to them and they can appear for the stamping.

  3. Usual L-1 questions - work, company, job description, tenure etc. For spouse - wedding, purpose of visit, L-1 holders employment details.

The only tricky part if intent of using B-1 to enter US and then moving to L-1A. However, USCIS has already approved your COS and taken care of the intent issue. So it should not be a concern during stamping.