L1A or H1B for a 15 years exp IT professional?

I am an IT professional with 15 years of experience, working at managerial role. I wanna evaluate the best options among the available visa types. I can either opt for H1B or L1A since I have both the options available with me. However, I have history of L1B rejections for 2 times.

Can someone with some experience around the same situation guide me here please? Which visa can get me faster GC application?

If the intent is to get GC, L1A is the fastest route. I had a colleague of mine who got transferred to US on L1A in 2019 and received his GC (EB1) this year.
I came on H1B in 2007 and got my GC (EB2) last year.

Thank you Kalpesh for your kind response. I would like to know whether I shall go for L1A Individual or Blanket considering past 2 rejection of L1B. What’s your thoughts?

If I had options, I would go with individual.