L1A denial affects h1b apllication

My company applied L1A visa 2 times and got denial for the same. Now this year i am going to apply for h1b visa and have following questions.

1). Lawyer is asking a question “have you ever been denied for US visa?” Should i consider it for h1b visa only for denial or all categories?
2). Does denial of L1A affects the H1B application?

Thank you in advance.


  1. You will need to list all your L1 denials, the questions refers to denials across all US visa categories

  2. Earlier denials - same category or different category should have no impact on a new application unless the denial was due to misrepresented facts or falsified information.

  1. It was petition denial but not the visa interview denial. Because many other persons are saying that Visa refusal will be consider only when it was denied by the consulate. Is it correct?
  2. 2 L1A petitions were denied but not the H1B. It was the criteria for the L1A was not fulfill. They have not considered my role as managerial level as we were going to recruit employee for my company once i will be in USA. They reports to me once recruited.