L1A blanket visa is expiring, have valid I-94 and new H1B but no payroll

I am on L1A blanket visa is expiring date on 19-Sep-2014 and I have I-94 till Feb-2015. My current organization is asking me to go back to India before 19-Sep-2014.
I have a valid H1B with COS and new I-94 from 1-Oct-2014.

If I resign and stay here from 20-Sep till 30-Sep without job and payroll been processed, will I be out of status? Is there any other rule thru which I can stay?

I think you can stay back & work on L1A till 30th September since you’ve valid I-94 till Feb-2015. You may search in google & you’ll find that it’s legal. However, few companies (like IBM) doesn’t recommend, but many other companies allow it. USCIS has approved new H1-B with COS effective from 1-Oct-2014 means it’s absolutely legal.

I guess, you are allowed to come to US one week prior to 1-Oct (if you were outside of US), so you would be taking the risk for only 3 days if your current company doesn’t allow to work beyond 19th Sept.

N.B. : This is my opinion, not a legal advice. May may consult with an attorney.