L1A and H1B from two different employer

Hi, I am having offer from a FAANG company which is filing for my L1A as I had worked with company earlier. I also have offer from another startup, they filed for h1b lottery and luckily my name has come up.

  1. Can I apply for L1A followed by H1B and then decide to enter US on one of them?

  2. Does my L1A gets cancelled on getting H1B petition approved or does L1A gets cancelled on getting H1B stamped or does both remain valid and I can choose one at time of US entry?

  3. If I enter in US on L1A and then later decides to switch to another company, can I use my H1B for that?

Sure you can.

As both are applied by different employers, they can co-exist.

Sure you can use your already approved H1B to transfer to another employer under cap-exempt.

Note that L1A will give you green card faster as you will qualify for EB1C which has no wait.

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