L1 Visa validity for Mexico Cruise travel

Hello! I have L1 A & dependents L2 visa which is valid till October 2019. We are planning for Cruise trip to Mexico . Can someone please suggest is the visa valid for the travel. Because we have heard that you need 6 months valid visa for outside US travel. Pls guide/ suggest. Thank you!

No, you just need Valid visa to re-enter US. It does not need to be valid for 6 months. Even, if you have few days left, you can still travel. You need to make sure, you have all the supporting documents to enter US on that visa.

Thanq :slight_smile: so as per ur suggestion it wouldn’t be a risk as Trump rules are crazy. Also any idea do w need transit visa to travel to Mexico via cruise. Appreciate your response & help. Thanks!

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No, you don’t need transit visa, if you have valid US visa.

Thanq for the advice.

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Sorry but want to brief up again with my queries. W have L1A valid Visa till October 2019,PERM is approved & I140 is in process. W want to plan a cruise vacation to Mexico. Shoud we plan in this scenario? Please guide/ suggest. Appreciate ur help in advance. Thanks.

You should be fine. Your I-140 process does not matter. What really matter is your current status and your status that you re-enter US on, which is L1A in your case and it is fine.

Thank you ! Appreciate it!

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