L1 visa in case of losing the lottery/ Lottery process

Hi all ,

I have been working for a Japanese company in Tokyo for more than 2 years, and Its NYC branch wants to sponsorize me . Hence, my employer applied for the H1B visa 2015. Yesterday , it was said that there will be a lottery , and meanwhile , I realized that I may be eligible for the L1 visa ( could you confirm ?). If I am not selected during the lottery , could I apply for the L1 visa ?

My second question is regarding the lottery itself. Within the regular cap, are all applicants chance equally distributed ? Does it depend on the applicant nationality ?

Many thanks.

Duke Silver.

If you are eligible for L-1 visa based on your work and knowledge, then you can go for it irrespective of what happens to your H-1 petition in lottery. The two are independent of each other.

Everyone has equal chances of making through the regular cap irrespective of whether you are the only applicant from that country or one of several thousands from that country. The only advantage is to citizens of Chile and Singapore.