L1 Visa Form-16(incometax proof) is a must one? What major documents required to file from india

Hi, I am from a small company (US based), which is not very well established in India, does not deduct my tax(TDS), So, i am not sure, there can be a income tax filing evidence, Form16 from the employer. In such case, is it possible by my employer to file the L1-B visa for me?

I guess, all documents related to appointment and experience like, offer letter, appointment order, payslip etc can be generated by any company. So, what are the necessary evidence documents required, to submit for the employee’s completion of one year experience with the employer in case of filing from india. I would like to know very specifically, whether its income tax filing document or PF statement or Bank statement showing the salary crediting to employee for last one year.

In addition, if any one knows, what are the documents generally submitted for L1 visa from india, its very helpful to know.

Thanks in advance.

You can use payslips, experience letter, offer letter and few examples of internal emails to your supervisor to show that you have been employed with them for a year now. If carrying emails then make sure it doesn’t have sensitive data.

In case of L1, most of the focus is around the offered position and its eligibility for this visa. So carry docs that show that the offered position in US is really eligible for L1