L1 visa criteria with prior H1B stay of 6 years limit

Hi folks,

I used to be on a H1B (3 + 3 years) in the US. I have returned to India. Since then about 8 years have since then passed. I want to apply for a L1 visa to US again. I read somewhere that the L1 max time limit also counts the previous H1B time limit.


  1. In my case will it still hold true as I have been back in India over 8 years have passed.

  2. Can I change employer when on L1?

  3. Which kind of L1 is preferable? I see L1-A and L1-B? Are these by default multiple entry and my dependents on L2 go back and forth too?


  1. Your clock has been reset as you have stayed outside US for more than 1 year since your last visit to US. You can get 5 years of L-1 now

  2. No

  3. Both have different requirements. The former is for executives and manegerial positions while the latter is not. Both are multiple entry visa by default and allow L-2 dependents to work after getting the EAD.