l1 to H1b which time to transfer ??

current status: L1 A visa stamped exist for next 10 months for Company A

                         H1b approved with COS  and valid for 3 years for Company B

After approved I came out of US, what is the safe time i should go back to US

  1. Before OCT 1st go with company A visa resign and join company B

  2. After OCT 1st with trying stamping of Company B with document of petition approved and join in US

  3. After OCT 1st working for Company A in US for 1 month and then do any of the following

    a)  applying H1B  COS   and to work with  Company B ?? ( is it applicable or legal need guidance )

    b) since I had company A payslips,get out of US and go to stamping in canada or mexico,if denied back to work with Company A

================================================= .

Actually i really needed suggestion ,since I wann get marrried ,I know I am combing personal and professional life toghether ,not able to make decision based on the visa

suggestion are really appreciated what is the safe bet to do further.

All the options you listed will work. But if you want to go back to your home country for getting married, it would be easier if you try to get the stamping done prior to October 1 and come here on H1b.