L1 to h1 transfer.any issue in stamping?


I came to US in 2011 on a valid L1 from the company X.In 2013 , I got a L1 to H1 transfer to the company Y.I have been working on there payroll since nov 2012.Now I got a full time offer offer another big firm company Z who is ready to do a H1 transfer for me till March end.I have to travel to India in August 2013 for some personal issues.

Do you think I should take the offer and it will not be hassle in h1 stamping when travelling as I havent left the country since 2011 when I first came to US.

Company Y is consulting firm but Company Z is huge product based software company.

Need help urgently?


Thanks in advance

If Z is a big product company, then chances of visa stamping approval are high. It is not an issue that you haven’t left US since 2011.