L1 TO H1 transfer and streching the joning date beyond october 1st


 I am currently in the US on L1 B visa for a Company A. I have validity till 31st DEC 2013. I have applied for H1B 2013 from company B this year on june 5 2012. I have initiated premium processing. Most likey i would get my approval by 20- 25 sepetember 2012.  So My H1 with company B is valid from Oct 1st 2012.

But if i were to resign from company A i would have to server a two week notice. Assuiming i resign on 25th september 2012, my notice period would strech into 1st or second week of october. Would it be leagal to server the notice period for company A for few days in october and then eventually work for Company B supposedly from mid october.

Would you advice how would i proceed.


Your work period from october month’s two week on L1 will not create any problem. Actually speaking Your H1B status starts when your new employer runs the Payroll on your name. So choice is yours’ Before or on date or after.



 I also have a similar case. I am on L1 status with employer A and my H1 is already approved by another employer B.  


As per the atorney there should be a change of status filed by new employer B before I can start for them. you need to get more details before chnaging your employer