L1 to H1 status while GC in progress

I’ve couple of queries related to VISA. Could you please clarify and provide me any suggestions.

Current status:

I’m in USA since 4+ years on L1 VISA and applied labor(PERM) on November 2014.

Arrived in US - July -2010 and it will complete 5 years by July 2015 but luckyly my I-94 valid till December 2015.

Applied H1 at present and waiting for H1 results and not sure when do I know status?


  1. If I don’t get H1 ,Is it possible to continue on L1 if my labor is approved or pending?

  2. If I get H1 and change the company ,can I get H1 extension Is it H1 if my labor is pending?

  3. If I get H1 then, Is it valid till December 2016 or July 2016??