L1 TO H1 COS without pay slip in US

Hi Saurabh,

I am working on L1 visa its valid till 2015 .I came here short term till April.The rule in the compnay if you stay is less than 183 days your paid per diem and salar india.So my pay slip will start only from june 2013 in US.

Can i apply ofr l1 to h1COS is that possible without payslip of US .



Per-diem can be paid on top of the US salary not in lieu of the US salary. i am not sure if you can apply for COS without the paystubs, which are your main proof that you are maintaining a legal status here. Is your company already withholding the taxes ?or are you not supposed to pay any US tax if your assignment in US is less than 183 days ?

I once read someone quoting an attorney stating that for L-1 it is ok to get paid outside US.